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Magnolia Park PTO Committees

Popcorn Friday

PTO sells popcorn for $0.25 each Friday.  Volunteers pop popcorn, bag it, deliver it, and count the money each Friday.  This is a fun one and you end up being a celebrity in the school! ("Hey!  You're the popcorn lady!") Come when you can, leave when you must!! Come one Friday, every other Friday, or every Friday!!


Megan Trenz/ Renarda Jefferson

 228-233-7000/ 228-238-8275

Teacher Appreciation

We show our appreciation to our teachers and staff with food and gifts.  Volunteers help to coordinate treats for the teachers to let them know how important they are to us.  Our PTO accepts gift donations/gift certificates from business owners.  We will have five Teacher Appreciation events throughout the year.  PTO will need help to set up, man, and clean up for these events.  Parents will be asked to send in food donations.


Meredith Monforton


VIP (Very Important Parents)

This is a very important area where parents can come in and help teachers with extra work that they need completed, such as cut-outs, workbooks, etc. Any busy work that they need done is dropped off by the teachers in the teachers' workroom for us to complete. Tasks are different from week to week depending on the projects and units of study they are currently on. This group meets every Tuesday at 8am in the Teacher's workroom, hope to see you there.


Diane Young

(228) 235-1832


Golden Sneaker

Teachers award the Golden Sneaker to one student every Friday.  The Golden Sneaker comes with a gift bag.  This committee assembles the gift bags periodically throughout the year.  This can be done from home. 


Tina Fritz



Reading for Success

Volunteers are paired with teachers to help with AR testing and read with and to students in the classroom.  This is great for parents with busy schedules, as you sign up for when you are available.


Magen  Brumble



Spaghetti Dinner

Families come to Magnolia Park for a fun night with great food, a cake walk, a raffle, and book fair.  Volunteers are needed to prep, sell tickets, and clean up.  We will also need help seeking donations for the cake walk and dinner.


Katherine Erkintalo

(228) 238-5253

Coin Crazy

Volunteers are needed to sort through money collected from each grade level.  We also need volunteers to help and the reward party for this event.  Coin Crazy is held in the fall and spring.


Beth Edmiston / Randi Hayden  /

(228) 238-7714  / (228)860-0900


Public Relations

We need volunteers to attend major school events and take pictures for the newspaper and yearbook.  Occasionally, we will call WLOX or the newspapers and submit pictures or invite them to cover our school events. 


Christina Cesulka

(228) 235-8268

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee meets once a month to check the financial records of the PTO and compare those records to the bank statement. 


Phillip Doiron-, 228-297-5166

Michael Hall-, 228-327-1757

Kristen Kahle-, 228-365-2990

Kayla Sullivan-, 251-225-5152


Lisa Pomeroy-, 228-447-4706


Steffanie Watkins-, 228-334-5214

Just a Reminder

* Most of our opportunities are volunteer when you can and leave when you must.

* Due to school policy and liability concerns, young children who are not students at Magnolia Park may not be brought to volunteer.

Mark Your Calendars!

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